1. Use of Google Analytics

This Website uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google LLC, to collect access-related statistics in order to improve our services and enhance this Website.
Google Analytics collects website usage data (e.g., user access information, web traffic, browser environment, IP address, etc.) through the use of cookies issued by this Website. These cookies are utilized in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of Google.
The data collected will only be used for the purposes of analyzing the usage of this Website, improving our services, preparing reports for the site operators, as well as for other purposes related to the provision of services. (Reports for site operators entail the use of cookies to count the number of users on this Website on a browser-by-browser basis. To this end, IP addresses are used to determine the geographical distribution (e.g., country, state/prefecture, city, etc.) of visitors to this Website based on the analytical capabilities of Google Analytics.)
Please refer to the Google Analytics website for more information on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Google Analytics.

・Google Analytics Terms of Service
・Google Privacy Policy
・Further information on Google Analytics

If you wish to prevent information from being submitted via Google Analytics, please use a browser extension that disables data collection supported by Google.

2. About the Use of Cookies

This site uses cookies to store information in users' browsers and to obtain information from browsers. The information that is retrieved may include information about users, preference settings, and devices, and is used to operate the site in the manner expected by users. The retrieved information cannot be used to identify users, but is used to enable users of the site to obtain more appropriate information and to facilitate access for frequent users of the site. This site respects users' privacy and allows users to opt out of the use of cookies, in whole or in part. Detailed information may be viewed and default settings of the site may be changed by clicking a category name. Please note that, depending on the type of cookie, blocking cookies may affect the usability of the site and may affect the information service content that the site is able to offer.

3. Web accessibility

(1) This Website is committed to improving web accessibility in line with the recommendations of the JIS X 8341-3:2016 standard, "Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities -Information and communications equipment, software, and services- Part 3: Web content" (revised on March 22nd, 2016).
(2) This Website aims to achieve the AA or A web accessibility levels for the respective items, with the exception of certain exclusions.

4. Evaluation of web accessibility

(1) The web accessibility of this Website will be tested once a year based on the JIS X 8341-3:2016 standard. The results of the test will be published on this Website. (2) The scope of the test shall include all pages under this Website ( https://www.tokyoupdates.metro.tokyo.lg.jp ) (3) The evaluation will be conducted by selecting multiple pages using random and non-random methods based on the "JIS X 8341-3:2016 Testing Guidelines."

5. Exclusions

Various external social media content linked from this Website, as well as pages containing on-site search results, will be excluded from the test.

6. Web content technologies relied upon

HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript / jQuery / Bootstrap4

7. Accessibility criteria checklist

Section Success criteria Level Applicability Passed Remarks
1.1.1 For "Non-text Content" A Applicable Passed
1.2.1 For "Prerecorded Audio-only and Video-only" A Not applicable Passed No applicable content
1.2.2 For "Captions (Prerecorded)" A Not applicable Passed No applicable content
1.2.3 For "Audio Description or Media Alternative (Prerecorded)" A Not applicable Passed No applicable content
1.3.1 For "Information and Relationships" A Applicable Passed
1.3.2 For "Meaningful Sequence" A Applicable Passed
1.3.3 For "Sensory Characteristics" A Not applicable Passed No applicable content
1.4.1 For "Use of Color" A Applicable Passed
1.4.2 For "Audio Control" A Not applicable Passed No applicable content
2.1.1 For "Keyboard" A Applicable Passed
2.1.2 For "No Keyboard Trap" A Applicable Passed
2.2.1 For "Timing Adjustable" A Not applicable Passed No applicable content
2.2.2 For "Pause, Stop, Hide" A Not applicable Passed No applicable content
2.3.1 For "Three Flashes and Below Threshold" A Not applicable Passed No applicable content
2.4.1 For "Bypass Blocks" A Applicable Passed
2.4.2 For "Page Titled" A Applicable Passed
2.4.3 For "Focus Order" A Applicable Passed
2.4.4 For "Link Purpose (In Context)" A Applicable Passed
3.1.1 For "Language of Page" A Applicable Passed
3.2.1 For "On Focus" A Not applicable Passed No applicable content
3.2.2 For "On Input" A Applicable Passed
3.3.1 For "Error Identification" A Applicable Passed
3.3.2 For "Labels or Instructions" A Applicable Passed
4.1.1 For "Parsing" A Applicable Passed
4.1.2 For "Name, Role, Value" A Applicable Passed
1.2.4 For "Captions (Live)" AA Not applicable Passed No applicable content
1.2.5 For "Audio Description (Prerecorded)" AA Not applicable Passed No applicable content
1.4.3 For "Contrast (Minimum)" AA Applicable Passed
1.4.4 For "Resize text" AA Applicable Passed
1.4.5 For "Images of Text" AA Applicable Passed
2.4.5 For "Multiple Ways" AA Applicable Passed
2.4.6 For "Headings and Labels" AA Applicable Passed
2.4.7 For "Focus Visible" AA Applicable Passed
3.1.2 For "Language of Parts" AA Applicable Passed
3.2.3 For "Consistent Navigation" AA Applicable Passed
3.2.4 For "Consistent Identification" AA Applicable Passed
3.3.3 For "Error Suggestion" AA Applicable Passed
3.3.4 For "Error Prevention (Legal, Financial, Data)" AA Not applicable Passed No applicable content

8. Site Requirements

The following browsers are recommended for a safer and better experience of this website.

on Microsoft Windows, the latest versions of
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
on Mac OS, the latest versions of
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
on smartphones,
  • iOS: the latest version of Safari
  • Android: the latest version of Google Chrome

9. Test Period

March 16th to March 19th, 2021