Sustainable Future City Model

In the modern era, cities worldwide are facing a variety of challenges that cannot be overcome using traditional methods. Tokyo, too, is tackling global urban issues such as those related to the environment, disaster resilience, and finance by combining cutting-edge technology, digital expertise, and a fresh perspective gained from learning from the past. At the heart of this effort lies the concept of SusHi Tech Tokyo.
A visual imagining of the Tokyo Bay Area of the near future, where natural landscapes and innovative technology blend seamlessly.

SusHi Tech Tokyo is derived from the concept of Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo that reinterprets the art of sushi, which has traditionally elevated seasonal ingredients into a cultural delicacy, through craftsmanship and skill. It encapsulates the desire to create "sustainable new value" through state-of-the-art technology and share it with the world, emanating from Tokyo.

One of the initiatives that embodies this aspiration is the Tokyo Bay eSG Project announced by the city in 2021. This project aims to build a sustainable city, even 50 or 100 years from now, by reevaluating the city's structure and societal norms to overcome crises. The project encompasses about 1,000 hectares including the coastal subcenter and the central breakwater area in the south. With the convergence of facilities related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 and a well-balanced mix of work, residence, education, and leisure functions, along with a world-class logistics terminal, this project enjoys an ideal location for execution.

Leveraging this environment, the goal is to achieve zero emissions through digital technology. Making use of the waterfront location facing the sea and canals, the project plans to develop parks and green spaces while meeting all energy demands by using renewable energy centered around hydrogen.

A Global Model City that Pioneers New Values

The "eSG" part of the project's name not only encompasses the original concepts of ESG (environment, social, governance) but also refers to concepts like ecology and economy, as well as "epoch-making" endeavors. The image of the desired city is condensed within this name.

The first major target for realization is set for 2030. This includes the establishment of 5G communication infrastructure, unique power generation systems like those of wind and floating solar power specific to the Bay Area, the development of energy management systems, and the promotion of in-city transportation using ZEVs (zero-emission vehicles). The project will advance societal implementation of the latest technologies, involving startup companies dedicated to developing new technologies and progressing the project step by step.

The goal is to have the area become one where domestic and international startup companies congregate, focusing on the penetration of DX (Digital Transformation) and achieving carbon-free energy usage. It aims to be a hub for various approaches stemming from green and sustainable initiatives, a place where innovative technologies are continually nurtured, and a model city for the world. The ideal scenario is to broadcast the project's achievements globally, attracting further investments and contributing to the realization of "Global Financial City: Tokyo" that leads the world.

Of course, to be an attractive city for people, it is essential to pursue comfort and livability. Beyond creating parks and green spaces, the Bay Area is brimming with ideas for generating unique charm, like aiming for a "swimmable Tokyo Bay" achieved through green tech for water-quality improvement.

(ESG用)birdseye_2 .jpg
An image of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 showcase program in April 2024.

At the SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 in April, there are programs such as Asia's largest Global Startup Program, the City Leaders Program that brings leaders from five continents together, and the interactive Showcase Program that presents the future city as a festival, allowing visitors to experience Tokyo's vision of the future city firsthand.

The vision of the city that humanity aspires to is being propelled from Tokyo to the world. At this historic turning point, there is great anticipation and hope for the future vision put forth by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. A passionate initiative to "shape the future" with SusHi Tech is underway in the capital of Japan.


SusHi Tech Tokyo, short for Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo, is a Tokyo-based concept that aims to create sustainable new value by overcoming global urban challenges through cutting-edge technology, diverse ideas, and digital expertise.

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024:

Writing by Ando Tomohiko
Image courtesy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government