"Made in Tokyo" Sake Glass, from Japan to the World.

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Wine is generally enjoyed using different glasses depending on the type of wine and dish it's served with. Now, why are there only sake cups for sake? Why not bring in more appealing, specialized sake glasses to attract an even broader market spanning all genders and countries? These thoughts led to the birth of the KIMOTO GLASS TOKYO Sake Glass.

KIMOTO GLASS TOKYO is embracing its 90th year as a glass-tableware wholesaler, producing countless handmade glassworks at its workshop in downtown Tokyo. Its romanization, KIMOTO GLASS TOKYO, stems from Tokyo being a long-time glass producer since the Edo period as well as the birthplace of the modern glass industry. It represents the company's founding in Tokyo and its passion for crafting glass alongside Tokyo's artisans.

The company began working on Sake Glass six years ago amid its pursuit of new, modern ideas while respecting traditional craftsmanship. "We added the Sake Glass to the equation of pairing food and sake. We were aiming for a new style called Tripling," says Seiichi Kimoto, the company president.


KIMOTO GLASS TOKYO has produced 130 kinds of glasses to date in collaboration with domestic and foreign designers. The recent hit Sake Glass Collection makes it easier for users to choose from this huge selection, picking out glasses with the five keywords Hana (Floral), Sou (Invigorate), Miyabi (Elegance), Jun (Pure), and Nagomi (Japan/Harmony). For example, Hanacan be enjoyed elegantly with Daiginjo (premium sake made with rice grains milled to 50% or less of their weight), while Sou is great for toasting with Happoshu (sparkling sake) as a starter.

As can be seen from its shape, Sou's elongated design was intended to ensure that the sake flows smoothly and directly into one's mouth, leading to a refreshing experience. In this way, the five Sake Glasses, each based on its own keyword, were meticulously shaped to match each of the five types of sake.

"The glass brings out the potential of sake, dramatically changing its taste and aroma. We have held many events until now to spread this experience far and wide." KIMOTO GLASS TOKYO is providing opportunities to experience the magic of Tripling, including its combination of French cuisine, sake, and Sake Glass. Each effort has raised Tripling's recognition step by step. Now, this glassware is steadily expanding to users who understand the commitment of Sake Glass, including high-end Japanese restaurants and bars.

"Our future goal is to proudly spread the sake culture of Tokyo as a reliable brand with a strong backbone, with a team transcending individual industries such as sake breweries, food producers, and restaurants."

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※This article was originally provided by EDO TOKYO KIRARI PROJECT (January. 29, 2021).