The culture of Kamon (family crest) which manifests the Japanese virtue. World-class charm of this culture in present-day society

The culture Kamon was born at the end of the Heian era, when Kamons were used as the "mark" of families and has been carried on to this day. It is in the Japanese way that the Kamon is not only a mark and also has several meanings such as "heritage" or "family prosperity" etc. Kamon is often considered as something conservative, but the free and new world of family crests exists in the activities of Kyogen.

The Japanese "crests" full of the heart of craftsmen are valid all over the world

In the Edo period, having a family name is strictly limited due to the class system, then people were using Kamon instead of family names. The origin of Kamon representing families seems to attract the interests of foreigners. "It seems that in the critical situation all over the world, there is a desire to strengthen the family solidarity, that's why the orders of Kamon from abroad are increasing. I was very pleased when I heard that the Kamon culture representant《crests》fascinates foreigners. It is in this current situation that we would find the charm of the traditional culture full of the wishes to keep something important. The way of overcoming many difficulties with the culture has not been changed.

The activity of Kyogen who conveys Kamon as a design

Even if you are interested in your own Kamon, it is not easy to consult it. But, Kyogen says that he wants us to try to create new Kamons freely. "For those who know their own kamons, it is important to pass them down. But it is possible to create a new kamon of two families at the moment of a marriage. I think that handing《the marks that they want convey》down is a good way. The Kamon of Japan is full of tender feelings in its simple form. To inherit the Kamon is to inherit the feelings in it. Feel the charming culture of Kamon as an invisible link."


Kyogen's website "Tenugui (cotton towels) with five Kamons produced at Kamawanu."

Kyogen's original products on which five representative Kamons of Japan are expressed in dots


Kyogen's website "Crystal Kamon Gassai-bukuro (bag with the Crystal Kamons) (black) "

The "Gassai-bukuro", which has been necessities for men for a long time, are decorated with crystal Kamons and match with your ordinary clothes. You can order the Kamon you want. Introduce into everyday life the Kamon culture, which is full of tenderness and affection even in the course of evolution.

This article was originally provided by EDO TOKYO KIRARI PROJECT (March 21, 2021).
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