"The mysterious color suitable for everyone". The unique charm of Beni.

Beni has various significations and has used to add colors to major life events. Women especially in the Edo period used it to make themselves look beautiful and charming. Beni is often considered "obsolete", but in fact beni is full of charm appreciated even today.

Craftsmen and farms essential for the culture of Beni

It is said that safflower petals which is the raw ingredient of beni contain only about 1% red pigment and that it is almost impossible to make beni shinning iridescently without the tech-nique of the craftsmen handed down through generations and the method of the production which is confidential. Moreover, the cultivation of safflowers cannot be mechanized and the production of the semi-processed product, benimochi cakes required a time-consuming task, therefore the tech-nique of the craftsmen and farmers are indispensable. The culture of beni is handed down to our times thanks to the sustained efforts of many people.

The benimochi cakes (top) is produced by safflower's fermentation and the liquid of beni is extracted using the confidential method of the craftsmen to produce beni. The iridescence is a proof of good quality (bottom left). Beni-choco (bottom right) of sixth generation whose color has changed from the time of the production with the lapse of time.

Beni's unique charm is that the shade develop to suit not only the Japanese, but everyone.

At the time, beni had many usages; beni was used as eye shadows and as blushes as well as lip-sticks and sometimes it was used to make women look sexy and feminine by putting it on their earlobes. The beni considered as the symbol of "aesthetics" in the Edo period indicates the women's search for beauty. So, why does beni fascinate us in our time? Because it is a cosmetic of high quality based on 100% natural ingredients. The color of red extracted from only safflow-ers, blessed by nature, is unique. The color transforming according to people is also its myste-rious charm. The variation of the shades, which is a character of beni, is suitable for gift to be pleased. It is given to the mother for her 60th birthday or to his fiancée for their wedding. Beni has many wonderful episodes. The iridescence which is a proof of good quality delights us, not only for lipstick. The only product that makes those who apply it shine and gives confidence to our contemporaries.
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This article was originally provided by EDO TOKYO KIRARI PROJECT (April 16, 2021).